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The Trend Trader helps to identify the current trend status of your favorite futures markets. It not only helps us to stay on the right side of market direction, but also helps us avoid those without a trend. You can even use the grid as a spread matrix too - buying strength and selling weakness.... (full story)

GOLD broader bias remains higher but with corrective warning. On the downside, support comes in at the 1,500.00 level (full story)

Livestock Roundup August 18, 2019 Last week at this time we knew the board was going to break lower, how hard and how long it would last were the big question marks. We were fairly up-beat near mid-week, but our tune changed as we got... (full story)

Whats next for cattle futures? (full story)

EURUSD looks to recapture the 1.1026 support zone as it retains its broader weakness. (full story)

Last week was one for the history books. (full story)

Highly Accurate Multi Time Frame Technical Analysis (full story)

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) has reclaimed the psychologically key 10k whole figure level (as part of its ongoing 2 month consolidation) after some profittaking last week. While bulls see BTCUSD resuming an upchannel or bull flag (on its weekly and daily chart), they should closely monitor Ripple (XRPUSD)... (full story)

ATTN: GRAPESTOMPING COW IN YOUTUBE VIDEO BELOW. (REALLY!) Hi All! Thought you might enjoy the pilot episode of, Drawing Inspiration, a family friendly TV show my creative partner and I have been working on for several years which focuses on... (full story)

Interesting next 30 days (full story)

Below is a daily Decembernatural gas chart showing planetary angle lines. I used a price per degree of .0082. Saturn is support at 2.366. Neptune crosses at 2.855 and is resistance. Uranus crosses at3.233 and is resistance. The lower Jupiter crosses at 2.193 and is target. Below is a daily... (full story)

USDCHF bounces off lower prices on correction the past week. This has opened the door for more gain in the new week. (full story)

Interesting pattern... (full story)

Stay short (full story)

By Carol Keiser:  Belleair, Florida The “ meatless revolution ” is underway, according to the Wall Street Journal—but in this supposed upheaval, people aren’t quitting meat in the conventional sense. Instead, they’re searching for... (full story)

In this week’s AgFax Weekend – Record Unplanted Acres | Prevented “Corn” Planting | and more. (full story)

December cotton futures flirted with 60 cents all week. The August world supply demand report was negative, as expected, but had been built into the market before its release. Thus, […] (full story)

Researchers have uncovered an unusual protein activity in rice that can be exploited to give crops an edge in the evolutionary arms race against rice blast disease, a major threat […] (full story)

In the last two weeks, I’ve had many calls, texts and pictures of caterpillars in corn ears (hey, at least some fields have ears). It is important to correctly identify […] (full story)

By Jennifer Brown, NutriQuest This market update is a PorkBusiness.com weekly column reporting trends in weaner pigs. All information contained in this update is for the week ended Aug. 16. Looking at hog sales in February 2020 using April... (full story)

Recent research evaluating the use of sodium chlorate as a harvest aid in hybrid rice have largely confirmed previous recommendations. Previous studies focused on varieties, so this work was conducted […] (full story)

A University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture study published in the Journal of Weed Technology found that mixing glyphosate with formulations of dicamba consistently lowered the pH of the spray […] (full story)

Developing a way to protect pecans and to keep them safe for consumption is the goal of an LSU student who just returned from Poland. Karuna Kharel, a doctoral student […] (full story)

Rice harvest 2019 is underway. That’s not to say it’s running full speed ahead, but we’re beginning. By now, about 10% of our rice should have reached 20% grain moisture […] (full story)

In this installment of the Gopher Coffee Shop podcast, Extension Educators Ryan Miller and Brad Carlson sit down with Bruce Potter, Integrated Pest Management Specialist, to discuss crop and pest […] (full story)

The current approach to weed management in Iowa is at risk due to rapid expansion of herbicide-resistant weeds. In order to preserve the efficacy of herbicides two things must happen. (full story)

The annual Florida Pecan Field Day and Florida Pecan Growers Association Annual Meeting will be held on October 3, 2019 at the UF/IFAS Jefferson County Extension Office, 2729 W. Washington […] (full story)

Across The State Jonathan Croft, Extension Ag Agent covering Orangeburg County, reported some shake samples in soybeans with “mostly VBC and immature green stink bugs. These soybeans were right on […] (full story)

As of August 7, six new counties have been identified as infested with soybean gall midge in Nebraska. Several new counties have been identified in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota […] (full story)

Note: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension information is typically based on the interpretation of research information from Nebraska or elsewhere in the Midwest. However, such information is not available for hemp […] (full story)

Root, Crown, and Stem Rot Root, crown, and stem rots are being observed in industrial hemp stands across North Carolina. While several of these pathogens are opportunistic, many are severe […] (full story)

Research has been conducted on post- harvest stubble manipulation in ratoon rice production for many years. In general, post- harvest flail mowing or bush hogging to approximately 8-inches or post-harvest rolling […] (full story)

General Situation Weather in the Valley this week is rediculously hot but perfect for cotton harvesting! Everyday we have been reaching temperatures between 101oF and 105oF and even higher in […] (full story)

Harvest is in full swing in southwest Louisiana and is about to begin in northeast Louisiana. The early rice yields in southwest Louisiana have been disappointing so far but are […] (full story)

  Market Watch with Alan Brugler August 16, 2019 Hammers and Nails There is a saying in Japanese candlestick charting that “the nail which sticks up gets hammered down”.  That pretty much sums up the corn market since last May. We had a huge... (full story)

Cotton ranges from 8 nodes above white flower (very late cotton) to O nodes above white flower (blooming out the top). Ideally your cotton would be the latter, because we […] (full story)

On Thursday, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago released a report providing an outlook on farmland values and agricultural credit conditions for the second quarter of 2019.  Recall that other […] (full story)

Average spot quotations were 68 points higher than the previous week, according to the USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service’s Cotton and Tobacco Program. Quotations for the base quality of cotton (color […] (full story)

Regardless of the year, dry weather is common in the southwestern United States.   The Colorado River is now a major water source for some 40 million people.  As needs and populations rise, scientists are searching for ways to help farmers use... (full story)

The Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour will be the first large effort to gather objective yield data in the field for August. That means scouts will be in the field taking samples on the yield potential. (full story)

Limit Down hogs and cattle drifts lower (full story)

Hemp Leaf Spot Problems North Carolina industrial hemp producers are combatting a leaf spot issue that is caused by Exserohilum rostratum. This disease was first identified during the industrial hemp […] (full story)

Beans and Hogs purchased by China theis week. Will it continue? (full story)

Current drought conditions could negatively influence Georgia peanut farmers’ plans for this year’s dryland crop, according to University of Georgia Cooperative Extension peanut agronomist Scott Monfort. While some fields are […] (full story)

The U.S. financial sector recovering to end the week following an 800 point rout Wednesday and the Dow Jones Industrial Average's worst performance of 2019. Analysts say negative interest rates may be on the horizon. (full story)

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue designated 102 Illinois counties as primary natural disaster areas. Producers who suffered losses due to excessive moisture, flooding and flash flooding that has occurred since Sept. […] (full story)

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue designated 45 Mississippi counties as primary natural disaster areas. Producers who suffered losses due to the combined effects of freeze, excessive rainfall, flooding, and flash flooding […] (full story)

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue designated 53 Missouri counties as primary natural disaster areas. Producers who suffered losses due to excessive rainfall and flooding that has occurred since March 9, 2019, […] (full story)

The big round of reports USDA released on Aug. 12 created a lot more questions than answers. They also sent the markets lower. (full story)

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue designated 44 Arkansas counties as primary natural disaster areas. Producers who suffered losses due to excessive rain, flash flooding, flooding, hail, high winds, lightning, and tornadoes […] (full story)

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